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What fabric is most comfortable to wear on a hot summer day?


In the summer, people who love sweating and heat are often feeling that their clothes are soaked with sweat. It is very comfortable for you today. Let you choose the fabric that is suitable for summer wear and enjoy the summer.  

  What fabric is comfortable to wear in summer, recommended fabric: cotton 

  Pure cotton, as its name implies, is a garment made of cotton fiber. Cotton fiber has good moisture absorption and can absorb sweat and make skin refreshed. The cotton material is very soft and makes people feel very comfortable. Cotton fiber is a natural fiber and its main component is cellulose. The sales of waxy substances, sweat nitrogen and pectin have been tested and practiced in many aspects. The cotton fiber fabric has any irritation and side effects on the skin, and it is beneficial to people and has good hygienic performance.  

  What fabric is comfortable in summer, recommended fabric 2: silk  

  The silk fabric is pure silkworm white silk fabric, which is made of twill weave. According to the square weight of the fabric, it is divided into thin and medium. According to post-processing, it can not be divided into dyeing and printing. Its texture is soft and smooth, and its hand feels soft and light. The colors are colorful and the clothes are cool and comfortable. Mainly used as summer shirts, pajamas, dress fabrics and headscarves, etc.  

  What fabric is comfortable to wear in summer, recommended fabric three: pure hemp  

  Hemp fiber comes from a variety of hemp fabrics, and it is the world's first fiber-preventing material used by humans. Fibers are cellulose fibers, many of which are similar in quality to cotton fibers. It is known as a cool and noble fiber due to its low output. Hemp fabric is a durable and comfortable fabric with a rough style, which is popular among consumers of all walks of life. Hemp material is suitable for casual wear, work wear, summer wear. Its advantages are extremely high strength, moisture absorption, heat conduction and good gas permeability. Its shortcoming is that it is not very comfortable to wear, the appearance is rough and blunt.  

  What fabrics are comfortable to wear in summer, recommended fabric four: chiffon  

  The warp and weft yarns of the fabric are twisted with polyester FDY100D, and then steamed and blanched for special sizing process. The fabric structure is changed in plain weave. Chiffon is mostly used in summer ladies' skirt fabrics. It is soft, light, smooth, breathable, easy to wash, easy to dry, etc. It is very comfortable to wear and has better drape. The fabric can be dyed, printed, embroidered, bronzing, wrinkles, etc. The listed fabrics are dominated by a variety of light-colored and light-colored shades, which combines a light and elegant aesthetic. It is very popular among fashionable women.  

  What fabrics are comfortable to wear in summer, I believe everyone has a more detailed understanding. Buying comfortable fabrics in the summer will not only absorb sweat and absorb moisture, but also antibacterial and anti-mildew to keep your skin healthy and comfortable. What fabrics are comfortable to wear in summer is here for you. A variety of materials for summer fashion, let you spend the summer.