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How to choose the shirt fabric material?


The material shirt is made of cotton fabric. The thickness of the cotton thread used and the weave method are different, and the shirt material made is quite different, and the touch and the vision are also different. Shirt clothing is generally divided into youth cloth, Oxford cloth, flat cloth and fine flat cloth. The quality of the fabric directly determines the quality of the shirt.  

  Oxford cloth: The commonly used clothing for button-neck shirts, flat weave, thick lines, white, blue, pink, yellow, green, gray, etc., mostly light. Soft, breathable and durable, it is very popular among young people.  

  Grid flat cloth: shirt fabric woven with dyed cotton thread and bleached cotton thread, the color is mostly white and red, white and blue, white and black. Can be used as a sports shirt or as a dress shirt.  

  Fine flat cloth: The most common shirting material, usually white, the thinner the cotton thread, the softer the hand feel, the high-grade finely woven fine flat cloth is almost silky, and the shirts are mostly used for dresses and other occasions. 

  Number of yarns: The higher the value of the yarn, the denser the weave, the less likely it is to deform or shrink. The number of common shirt yarns does not exceed 80, but the high-end shirts will reach 120 or more, and the flagship products will even reach 160.  

  Dyeing: The high-quality shirt is not dyed after the weaving, but it is already dyed when the line is set. Only in this way can we guarantee long-term wear and not fade.  

  Environmental protection: Non-iron shirts are easy to exceed the standard of formaldehyde, which is very harmful to the human body. Therefore, you must pay attention to whether you have passed the environmental quality certification when purchasing.