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What are the common uniform fabrics?


  1, high-grade shirt fabric


  There are high cotton \cvc\Oxford spinning\wood pulp natural fiber silk, etc. The products are made of high-tech manufacturing equipment, processed by special process, the texture is fine, soft, soft to the touch, with no ironing effect, suitable for sewing Among them, high-end shirts.


  2, uniforms?


  Made of pure polyester mesh yarn, 2/2 twill weave, fabric weight 265g/m-280g/m, width 150cm, smooth and smooth surface, clear grain, full of tribute, elastic foot, good drape, natural soft gloss The color is bright, it is not easy to pilling, and it is easy to machine and not deform. Suitable for waiters, general employees, security and school uniforms.


  3, plain weave


  It is made of pure polyester mesh yarn, 1/1 plain weave fabric, fabric weight is 240g/m-280g/m, width is 150cm, the fabric appearance is crisp, smooth, color is bright and colorful, elasticity is excellent, and the tribute is clear. Suitable for waiters, factories, mines, school uniforms.


  4, anti-static?


  Made of polyester and cotton fiber, 3/1 left twill weave, width 150cm. The fabric is strong and wear-resistant, the bottom is soft and comfortable, moisture-absorbing and breathable, and the hair feels. It has anti-static, explosion-proof, dustproof and other special functions and is permanent. Suitable for special industries such as electricity, military, petrochemical, fine chemicals, etc., also suitable for general factories and mines.


  5, shirt striped cloth


  TC special polyester filament, plain weave fabric, width 150cm, slightly wrinkled fabric, style similar to hemp fabric, anti-wrinkle and shrink-resistant, easy to wash and dry, soft sweat, good wear resistance, suitable for shirts and various Clothing accessories and more.


  6, high-grade glitter satin


  The fabric is made of a variety of raw materials such as gold and silver, which are interwoven with a special process of jacquard. The fabric is bright and lustrous, natural, rich in color, vivid in pattern and light in texture. For nightclubs, costumes, evening wear, dresses and other high-end fabrics.


  7, wool


  It is divided into two categories: imported wool and domestic wool. Imported wool is mainly from Italy. Domestic wool is mainly from Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other places.


  8, tooling?


  There are various components such as T/C, T/R, TT/C, different proportions of jacket materials, anti-wrinkle, anti-oil, drapability, easy to wash and dry, etc., suitable for all industries to make tooling .


  9, satin / flower cloth


  The style is similar to hemp fabric, anti-wrinkle and anti-shrinkage, low hygroscopicity, easy to wash and dry, and the pattern is clear and full, suitable for women's wear, shirts, cheongsam and various clothing ingredients.