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Taking Products and Services as the Core of Management

Creating High-end Shirt Fabric Product Operating Headquarters

Huabros Lifestyle is the headquarters of Huabros Textiles Co., Ltd. which is located in the middle and high-end shirt fabric products operation. It has Tinbo gorgeous sales department. It inherits the family belief of "Jinyu cloth, quality inheritance of Tianbao, sustainable development of family business", upholds the product concept of "excellence, pursuit of excellence", devotes itself to exploring and redefining leisure shirt fabrics, and strengthens Huabro. S in the leisure shirt fabric design competitive advantage, bring more innovative and diverse fabric products, change and lead the future people's clothing lifestyle.

Every design innovation of Huabros Lifestyle is a redefinition of casual shirt fabrics. Here, the excellent team of fabric designers will refine the unique perception of shirt fabrics in different customer markets, sublimate and recreate, inject soul into products, create more valuable shirt soul for customers, and lead the fashion outlet of shirts.

The founder of Huabros Lifestyle has been thinking about a question. If the development and design of fabrics can not lead and change people's clothing and lifestyle, what is the ultimate ownership of our business? With this problem, we have experienced market transformation, price competition, business transformation, in this process we have also experienced confusion, blow, uncertain direction of development, but fortunately we have never given up is that we always strive for excellence in product quality and innovation, pursue excellence, deepen customer contacts and cooperation, we believe that this is the most challenging. Effective way, so we will merge the original business structure, set up Huabros product operation headquarters, and set up Tinbo gorgeous sales department, Huabros foreign trade department. We deeply realize that in order to inherit the family concept and sustainable development of enterprises, we should create subversive product thinking, product value-oriented, and help more customers to meet industry challenges in an all-round way. To create value with customers and seek win-win business and sustainable development.

We also hope to join more like-minded people to create a positive development of the industry. We very much welcome the excellent fabric supplier brands in the industry to explore cooperation and long-term strategies to create a better future for the industry.


Company Profile: Founded in 2002 at the earliest, the 1990s began to involve the management of fabrics and apparel, long-term edification, has a profound fabric experience. Years of fabric management, let us have a considerable customer base, customer groups from the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, Europe, annual sales of 5 million meters, annual shirt production of 1 million pieces, today, Huabroshas won the brand status of high-end leisure shirts, exported to the international market.